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Steph's drift - Reinaldo Brahn
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Samba De Uma Nota so - Jobim - cover by Reinaldo Brahn
Corsario - Joao Bosco "Cover by Reinaldo Brahn"
Para Lenon & Mccartney - Milton Nascimento "Cover By Reinaldo Brahn"


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"The new voice of Brazil."
                  - Jim Brock, producer/percussionist

Born in Belo Horizonte ( which means ‘beautiful horizon), the third largest city in Brazil,  Reinaldo Brahn picked up the family guitar at age 12, curiously strummed its chords, and was hooked.  He taught himself traditional Musica Mineira, the rhythms of his native state Minas Gerais.  Gaining experience playing and singing at festivals, bars and restaurants, he worked with the renowned Brazilian vocal group Soul Makube before embarking on a solo career.  Reinaldo's experiences and collaboration with other musicians created his signature style which infuses classic Brazilian rhythms - Samba & Bossa Nova - with Funk and Jazz.


Reinaldo toured his original music throughout Brazil, and then brought his artistry to the United States.  Arriving in Charlotte, North Carolina, in October 2007, he quickly introduced his Brazilian roots to the local scene.  He creatively applies robust Brazilian style to popular American music with a truly inspiring result.  Reinaldo's specialties include singing and playing authentic Brazilian music, including Musica Popular Brasileira (MPB) and classic Sambas, as well as performing American pop songs with a strong Brazilian influence.  Veteran percussionist and producer Jim Brock refers to Reinaldo Brahn as "the new voice of Brazil".


CD releases:

  • “Web Brasil”, released in 2000
  • "Ao Vivo no Tocos", a collaborative effort released in 2004
  • "A Procura da Razao acoustic”, released in 2009
  • "Brasileiro Soul" released with Reference Recording label in 2011, collaborating with some of the finest American musicians
  • Coming soon – 2019 – Reinaldo’s first all-original, English album called “Impossible Land”!


Photo By: Sigal Mizrahi


Photo: Jeff Hahne




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